Laminar Systems Ltd

Customer Service Levels

It is common for large companies to define a customer service level that they will guarantee for the work they will carry out. This has come about since the introduction of automated systems, particularly in telephony, ("press 1 for sales etc") customer "support" call centres, and the like. Sadly they are often staffed by people of lower technical ability and they will assess whether to escallate a problem to someone who knows more about it. The smaller the company, the more likely you will get straight through to someone who does know their products.

We are a tiny company of just 2 personel. Therefore you should always get someone who undertands our products and customers. While we expect to respond immediately, sometimes you will have to wait, up to a whole day if things have really gone wrong! Also we only operate from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm UK time. If there are serious problems such that this website is down, we will post updates to our twitter feed @LaminarSystems

We prefer email contact initially (, but if you need us urgently, by all means phone 01629 650194